Monday, 13 May 2013

Beginning Android Development

So for with Android development, here are a number of tips from my personal experience. There are number of tips that a developer could follow in his development process. Here are some of the important tips that could be useful for a user and Android developers as well.

Choice of IDE
Although I coded a few applications using IntelliJ IDEA’s community edition without any problem, most of the Android development is centered on Eclipse. For UI drag and drop interface, I don’t care much about Eclipse’s.
You’re Name Space
To uniquely identify you amongst the thousands of other apps available, the Android market uses the package name that you declare in your manifest. It is good idea to get in there early and make sure you can reserve your place, if you know ahead of schedule that you will be releasing a certain application.
Android’s platform patterns
To break the rules you first must know the rules, we all want our applications to be unique. Consider first trying to fit into the way people are already using Android applications, before you start cutting out your unique niche in the Android Market, because there are a lot of apps out there and we want them to play well together. You will already have an eager well educated bunch of users, if you tie yourself into their existing habits.
While creating views, Use hierarchy viewer
To statically explore activity UIs and can help you visualize complicated layouts, the view hierarchy give you a fine way for this purpose.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tips for Android Application Development

You are going to have your hands full, if you are somebody who wants to start off as an Android applications developer. On various facets of the Android operating system and related technologies, you will need to develop expertise and experience. If you want to develop praise worthy Android apps, you need to take look at following tips that Android Developers should keep in mind.

Learning SQL
To develop highly robust apps on the Android system, you must have the knowledge of SQL. It is important from the developer’s perspective that you have a thorough knowledge of SQL, because this platform uses a storage system that is SQLite based. In case Android stops your application, this ensures the stability of your app and its data. When the application shuts down suddenly is minimized by a long way, the Android’s user interface can connect directly with database query result.
Use and Learn the Best Practice
To meet the most exacting standards of quality, you will fail, if you don’t follow the rules and regulations associated with Android Operating System. You will never be able to develop a successful Android app, if you don’t get the hang of how Android manages the workability of applications and any issues that they might encounter.
Breaking Up the Large Applications
According to the requirements, as a developer, you will have to work on different kinds of projects. As a beginner there is a chance that you won’t be able to handle such large projects comfortably, when you have to code a large application, with varying degrees of complexities.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Android App Development Tips for Beginners

The large scale growth has been witnessed in the industry of Android app development this year. In fact, for the Android developers, it is one of the greatest operating system. If a software designer is working on the Android OS platform, the purchase of special developer phones is not necessary, moreover the
documentation is conducted online and registration of hardware as developer devices is not required, because the Android tools are free.
In order to develop experience and expertise on Android OS technology, the beginners in the Android app development industry have to remember certain tips.
Complete Command on SQL
If the Android developers want to build robust and effective apps on this operating system, you must have the perfect command on SQL, because the Android OS platform uses a SQLite based storage system.
Large Apps Breakup
On the Android platform, there are different types of project requirements. The large Android apps coding may cause the various complexity for the beginners sometime. Therefore for the better understanding divide your code and manageable small suites.
Follow the best Practices
There are some of the rules that every developer should follow and must learn. During the app designing, the services life cycle methods must be used. When the development process is still on, the guidelines provide an idea to the beginner as how to get started. The development of successful Android apps is not possible, if the workability issues are not met.
Hope you enjoyed reading and found useful information about Android app development. wait for our next post for more information.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Android App Development Tips

According to a survey report, everyday around a million Android devices are being activated, currently. But without mentioning the Android development, it is incomplete; even it is a serious number. Now world’s most of the market is controlled by Android. For improving their internal as well as external procedures, a lot of businesses are going towards the Android developers for improvement. In the science and the art of the mobile apps development, not all the Android programmers are professionals. The end products turn into waster when the Android developers ignore the fundamentals.
The term receptive web designing is famous among the most of web as well as Android programmers. Having cross browser as well as cross plat forming compatibilities, it is one type of web designing. Even for the computer codes the socialization is required. Through this a quick awareness can be produced among the users. Getting wide reception from users for the applications, this is a swift way. Providing hard competition for Android apps, Google play is having over 700K apps. It cannot succeed in appealing users if your apps do not have the nice looking icon. A number of offshore Android development firms are working nicely. As a desktop application, the mobile application is not costly. While the paid apps are accessible with some dollars, mostly apps are accessible for free. You can definitely ensure that you get your development efforts on the right track by taking note of these tips as a beginner.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Android Developers

Combine and build upon parts of many different open source projects, Android is an open source mobile operating system. You can submit a patch for the issue, if you happen to find a bug. To contribute in the Android OS in their hardware devices, an Open Handset Alliance is pulled together a large group of companies. Promising wide adoption across the well-known vendors, there is industry wide support for Android development.
For Android Developers, Google only charge a small fee to distribute applications on the Android market because the development tools for the platform are free to download. Based on the Linux Kernel and multiple open source libraries, the Android OS is an open source platform. Android developers are free to contribute to or extend the platform as well, in addition to build applications to run on Android devices. Android developers are encouraged to collaborate and share source code with each other and not required to sign an NDA.
Developers are free to distribute their applications through other distribution channels because a very few restrictions are placed on the content or functionality allowed in Google’s Android market. Including many different phones and tablet computers, there are a wide variety of hardware devices powered by Android OS.